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  • Challenge name: PUZZLE - QUIZ
  • Platform: Online
  • Mode: Competitive Mode
  • Entry: FREE
  • Reward: 200/- PAYTM cash
  • Validity: 24 hours {12:00AM(10-Feb-18) – 11:59PM(10-Feb-18)}
  1. RULES:
  • In this challenge, you should attempt all puzzles
  • You should crack this challenge within provided time
  • This challenge stands for 24hrs i.e., challenge opens from 12:00am (10-Feb-2018) and closes at 11:59pm (10-Feb-2018)
  • You should complete this challenge in between above-mentioned time period or else the subscribed challenge will be deactivated
  • To win this challenge you should attempt all 10 puzzles and should crack 10 puzzles in 10 minutes
  • Minimum Points to quality: 6 Points
  • The top 1 candidate with MAXIMUM points with LEAST amount of time taken to complete the TASK will be considered as winner of this PUZZLE QUIZ CHALLENGE
  • If there is a TIE between multiple candidates, the candidate who finished the task earlier from the TASK roll-out time will be the winner. So, subscribe for the TASK as soon as it is rolled-out in our website and CRACK it.
  • Every puzzle should be cracked or else it would be considered as failed attempt
  • In this challenge, puzzles are framed from REASONING, VISUAL, CODING and ARITHMETIC categories.
  • This is a quiz type challenge
  • This challenge is a MCQ (multiple choice questions) format
  • In this challenge, NEGATIVE POINTS are involved i.e., -0.25 points will be deducted on one mistake
  • Each puzzle’s correct answer is marked with 1 point. So, 10 puzzle = 10 points
  • This is a free challenge where you can stand a chance to win 200/- as a reward
  • In this challenge reward is given to only leading candidate
  • Reward amount is 200/- INR
  • Reward will be given to only leading candidate.
  • Reward is transferred to PAYTM
  • After winning the challenge, reward amount will be transferred within 72 hours for the winner
  1. NOTES:
  • This challenge is validated for 24 hours from the time it starts
  • Only single attempt is allowed for this challenge
  • Answer carefully because negative points are there
  • Winner candidate should carry a PAYTM number for reward transaction
  • Eligibility 6 Points.


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