About Us


TaskBreak is a multi-disciplinary, multi-level, skill-based talent networking platform that brings together engagement, competitiveness and an entrepreneurial mindset with a single-minded purpose of honing every individual’s inherent skills and talents.

Born out of sense of purpose, allowing individuals to explore what they are good at and use their learning to find their vocation, the platform features creative CHALLENGES comprising Quizzes, contests, games, competitive tests and more, that anyone can access and play.

Any individual above 13+ years can sign up for any of our creative challenges, create their own account and start completing TASKS. They have the freedom to use their creative and cognitive skills to finish tasks, challenge their expertise at every level, learn important life skills and keep pushing themselves.

Creativity isn’t a talent that someone possesses. It is a skill that must be honed and can be used to crack tasks in a unique way. TaskBreak’s tasks are designed to condition the users to think differently. Whether you’re a coder who wishes to design his/her next unique app, a gamer who wishes to complete his/her game in a creative way, a writer who wants to stretch his/her imagination, or a crazy puzzle-solver, we have something for everyone.

Our highly experienced team is continuously engaged in researching and designing challenging and productive tasks that will always keep you motivated and will in turn help other users of TaskBreak.

TaskBreak rewards users by testing their talents and skills through different unique tasks. We believe every player is a winner, and there are amazing rewards to be won by cracking daily on-going tasks. We are a perfect platform for individuals to learn and earn from their skills and knowledge.

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